The Upcycle transforms bicycle waste in to beautifully designed Upcycles. Everyday use Upcycle family products, such as chairs, lamps, and belts.
The Upcycle is born out of necessity. The necessity to look further and differently at what is already around us. Out of the box, innovative, inspirational, socially driven, creative, technical and design, are all terms that represent our essence.
What drives us? The simple fact that so much garbage is left to be destroyed or left to be forgotten, to search for further solutions/possibilities in transforming this waste into useful, efficient and gorgeous products.

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This is our story and current journey! All over the Netherlands you have a huge abundance of bicycles. There are more bicycles than people over here. In most cities bicycles which are abandoned for whatever reason (orphaned bicycles), are picked up by local municipalities and brought to different bicycle depot, or dump sites. In Amsterdam alone 40,000 bicycles are collected every year. Of these bicycles, only a very tiny percentage is ever found by the rightful owner. A small percentage is sold on to other bicycle shops but most of them are shredded for metal. A very environmental unfriendly way of dealing with this waste, in plain English ‘expensive and nasty’. THE UPCYCLE takes these bicycles, deemed as waste, and changes their fate. upcycle-principe

This waste is the food for our creativity.

The steel frame of a bicycle is usually the last part to break, and that’s exactly why THE UPCYCLE, after careful examination, uses this frame as the basis for new unique bicycles we have named Upcycles. For the remainder parts we strive for the ultimate quality, durability and efficiency. For example; taking into account where these parts came from. We also revive other parts by creatively giving them a new function on the bike, for example using the old tires as our new mudguards. Besides the production of these Upcycles we also make other products from this bicycle waste, the Upcycle Family products, like belts, lamps, and bracelets.

For the production, THE UPCYCLE reaches out to social workplaces. This way we provide social workplaces with job opportunities and an alternative means of income. The added benefit: by staying local we eliminate unnecessary transport distances.


We are nothing without our dear family, here an overview of our aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers.

our family

Stichting stunt with uncle Hein (Laakes) as the godfather. The bicycles are dismantled and all Upcycle Family products are produced here.

Biesieklette is responsible for the assembly of the Upcycles.

This is where we get the used bicycles from: Fietsdepot Haaglanden

Our supliers of Dutch bike parts and wastestreams:
Lepper en Azor bikes

Fotographer Jerry Kooyman

Our video heros Maarten Post en Jarl Piepers

House artist Niels de Jong

Webdesign by Bart Kallenbach


the upcycle hidde en lo

Hidde & Lo (Hidde Van Der Straaten & Lodewijk Bosman) are bon viveurs who will remain so for the rest of their lives. With a ‘Work hard, play hard, enjoy life’ mentality they both strive for life.
In 2012 after a few months of sketching, they decided together to go on a new adventure to make the world a bit more hilarious and beautiful where it was deemed lost and wasted. Lo has a background in industrial engineering and Hidde is a born creative entrepreneur. With the Upcycle they are trying out a new form of designing taking what is already their, existent as waste, and trying to create something new, groovy, and useful with it. In this case waste is food for their creativity. In a manner of speaking, they are cycling whistling through life and trying to spread a way of thinking that waste is not per definition waste, that it’s a matter of perspective, Live Loving Life. The Upcycle


The Upcycling process begins at the Fietsdepot Haaglanden, where orphaned bicycles are brought who have been abandoned by their owners. The owners can reclaim their bicycles within three months of first arriving, after which most bicycles are shredded for metal parts. The UPCYCLE saves the unique and durable bicycles from their demise, and brings them to the social workplace Stichting Stunt, where they are dismantled into the necessary & essential parts.
The frames, each unique undergo a serious of steps to be brought back to life. They first get thoroughly cleaned by being sandblasted, and are then protected by a double layered turquoise coating. The Upcycle frame is then taken to be reborn as fully functional Upcycles at the Work-Learning Biesieklette centers’.
Each Upcycle undergoes it’s own search for the necessary high quality parts, often customized specifically for the individual unique frames. Finally the Upcycle is taken under the wings of The Upcycle house artist for the finishing touches and exclusive details!

The result: A unique series of Upcycles, customized piece by piece, of high quality, durable with a beautiful funky appearance.

Upcycle from old to new

Upcycle Family
The Upcycle Family products are designed by Hidde and Lo, with the waste streams of both Fietsdepot Haaglanden and Biesieklette as their basis. All of the bicycle parts which can no longer serve it’s original purpose, is taken out of their contexts and given a new life! The Upycle family products are being redeveloped and produced at Stichting Stunt where people from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life are craftsmen, learning and exploiting their craftsmanship. The Upcycle supports and stimulates this way of working, implementing its own version of creative product development in the form of unique Upcycle Family products.

Lightups in the makinglight-up-losse-koplampenLight-up-naast-schift-productie-planTim-productie-light-up.jpg


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What does the National Bicycle Plan mean for me?

The sun comes up for free, delicious! Unfortunately a lot of everything else in life needs to be paid for however beautiful! The National Bicycle Plan is way to make the purchasing of a new bicycle more comforting to our wallets. You can purchase an Upcycle at discount according to certain fiscal advantages. With a bit of luck you are reimbursed for 52% of the price by the government through your employer. All you have to do is, show that more than half of your working days you go to and return from your work using a bicycle.

Ask your employer whether they are making use of the National Bicycle Plan.

Check: Het nationale fietsenplan

Guarantees & Upcycle Products?

If there are technical errors in the construction of the Upcycle products, then the product may have a guarantee. For an Upcycle there is a 3 year guarantee some material and the construction of the Upcycle. Only takes effect through normal usage & maintenance of the Upcycle. The paint job has a guarantee for 1 year. For the design & style sensitive parts, i.e. tyres, seats, there is no guarantee, only if there is evidence of construction &or material damage! Normal wear and tear, cruel reparations, or usage of material other then the intended purpose, are not covered by our guarantee. The guarantee is also cancelled if any alterations are made to the frame, fork, or other parts.
The guarantee is also acquitted if the Upcycle is rented out to thirds or by third parties.
On all Upcycle Family products a guarantee is given for 1 year, if they are used normally.
Personnel costs involved with reparation or replacement do not fall under the guarantee.
The guarantee is limited to the reparation and replacement of a defect component. Costs associated with assembling or disassembling are for the owner of The Upcycle product. This is not the case if there are material or construction defaults, i.e. the frame and fork in the first 5 years after purchase. In this case the associated personnel costs are for the manufacturing party.
The Upcycle is not accountable for damages by accident, abuse, wrongful use, negligence, incidental damage, or damages as a result of another accident.
The accountability for the Upcycle is at all times limited to what is written in this guarantee.
After realizing any damage, the owner is obligated to discontinue the usage of the Upcycle, to prevent any further damage to self and to the product.
The guarantee starts on the day of purchase and is only valid for the original owner and cannot be given to a third party. Make sure you have your original receipt. This is obligatory for any guarantee to take place!


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